How Do I Publish On the Internet?

by admin on April 20, 2011

publishingOnce the writing and editing aspects of your project are completed, and in some cases, even before, the authors must choose the publishing medium the best suited for their work. Although numerous authors still rely on traditional publishing companies to print and distribute the paper copies of their work, owing to the widespread use and popularity of modern technology, this is no longer their only option. Some authors prefer to self-publish their work, whereby they take ownership of most or all decisions about their manuscript. Ultimately, some authors come to a decision to publish on-line, for a variety of reasons. However, whatever the reasons behind deciding to publish on-line, most authors could use one or a combination of several tips offered below.

Publishing on the internet is becoming increasingly popular method for authors across many genres. There will definitely be some advantages for authors who opt for on-line publishing, as compared to more traditional methods. Some are listed below.


Publishing academic papers and findings on-line has become the norm. Even if a traditional media are available, most researchers and scientists would like for their work to be distributed electronically as well. Hence, many publishing companies are expanding their range of repositories to include online articles, which enables the article author to publish their findings in much shorter time frame, thus making their findings available to other academics, as well as to general public. Some peer-reviewed journals are even planning to supply their publications completely online, thus dispensing with the conventional paper forms of distribution.

However, many are still providing their journals both in conventional paper form as well as on line. Non-fiction or Fiction Authors:

Authors of fiction or nonfiction books will find a number of good reasons for publishing on-line, as an alternative to utilizing traditional publishing firms. Some authors could feel that their books might have a limited audience, which might be the case if the subject is very specialized, as can be for some types of non-fiction books. Even fiction writers might have written on topics that could only have a limited following. In addition, some writers, both fiction and non-fiction, might have chosen to write on particularly controversial topics, which might not be well received by conventional publishing companies. Whatever the reason for choosing on-line publishing, it is an easy to use medium that should be explored.

However, if you have decided that your work should be self-published, it is extremely important to have it completely and professionally edited. Thus, opting to use services offered by will guarantee that your work will be thoroughly reviewed and edited by experts in the field.

We offer a wide range of editing options, starting with Regular Editing, which will ensure that your writing is free of grammatical, spelling as well as other basic writing errors. This type of editing is recommended for confident writers, who just want an objective second set of eyes to assess their writing. However, even the most proficient writers should consider other editing options detailed below. These higher editing services can be used by all writers, regardless of the publishing medium—traditional or on-line—as they offer much more thorough assessment of all aspects of writing.

Researchers who have written an academic piece, a thesis or a peer-reviewed journal article, should ideally choose our level of editing referred to as Technical Editing. Technical Editing will offer the author all aspects covered by Regular Editing, as well as ensure that the writing is technically correct and conforms to the style guide of the author’s choice. This type of editing will, consequently, ensure that elements, such as style guide compliance, in-text citations, biographical or reference page entries, as well as paper formatting are thoroughly checked and corrected.

On the other hand, authors that have written fiction books frequently select our Content or Executive Content Editing services, which would meet the requirements of those who wish for their work to be thoroughly edited. These levels offer the services listed within the earlier two levels of editing as well as professional, objective critique and ideas, rewriting the portions of text, as required, and provide suggestions for improvement throughout the manuscript. This editing level would make sure that the storyline is fluid and logical, that it makes sense to the reader, as well as that the characters, setting and conflicts are adequately and coherently explained.

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