How Can I Self-Publish?

by admin on March 11, 2011

You’ve written a book that you are proud of, but you have decided that self-publishing will be the best way to go. This is a path that many authors choose, for a variety of reasons. Some authors know that their book will probably have a limited or specialized market. Other authors choose to self-publish because it may limit their financial investment in their project. Still other authors want to retain full creative control over their project, so they choose to self-publish. By self-publishing, authors can often decide exactly what goes into their book as well as what does not. They will also have more input into graphic and artistic elements of the book, such as the cover and illustrations.

With the widespread use and availability of the Internet, many authors are finding it easier than ever to self-publish. There are multiple ways to self-publish using the internet or small book companies that specialize in that type of business. Writers must be willing to devote the time and energy necessary to researching the possible options before making a decision.

Before deciding whether to self-publish or to publish with a printing company, there are many factors to consider. Authors must consider what type of audience is likely to be reading their book. Will their work have widespread appeal? Have they written on a unique subject in a popular genre? Will interest in their book likely be confined to a small geographic area or a highly specialized field or business? Does their book have the potential to reach and influence thousands of interested readers? What types of market is there for their book?

These are all factors to mull over before reaching a verdict about whether to self-publish or not. Writers should weigh the costs and benefits of their decision and use all available resources to come to a decision. Reference books, such as the current edition of Writer’s Market, which is published yearly, are excellent sources of information that can help an author come to an informed conclusion. It is important to note that many successful authors have chosen to self-publish, among them Virginia Woolf and William Blake.
Anyone publishing a book will find value in having their work carefully corrected by an experienced expert. If you do decide to self-publish, you will definitely benefit by having an objective professional editor correct and critique your work. Unlike sending your book through a major publishing company that does most or all of the work, including manuscript proofreading, you will usually need to make sure that your manuscript is perfectly polished before you self-publish. This is where selecting a professional editing service, such as, comes in.

At, we have editors who can copyedit and proofread any type of manuscript. We have all levels of editing, ranging from standard editing, which will make sure that all grammatical and writing errors are corrected, to technical editing, which is useful for academic works, to content and executive content editing, which will give the author the corrections provided by standard editing but will also provide extensive suggestions as well as a professional, objective critique. Authors will find that choosing the correct type of editing services to meet their needs will be an important decision, just like the choice between self-publishing or not. Outsourcing your editing needs to us will prove to be a great decision since we can get your book right before it goes to print for only pennies a word or dollars a page. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our work, as are our thousands of customers.

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