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by admin on January 19, 2011

This article discusses how’s proofreading editor assisted me greatly with my manuscript. Though I’d been working on it for about three years, publishers were still rejecting it, saying, “It needs sharpening.” In less than a week, my professional editor at had really helped me insert the finishing touches on my novel, and I’m now a printed writer!

Are you tired of toiling over your manuscript for months or years and still not receiving the recognition from publishers that you know you deserve? I was! I took advantage of’s specialized proofreading services to put together an awesome manuscript and now I have a publishable document! After spending three years writing my autobiographical novel, I thought I had written the best manuscript that I could. I showed it to relatives, musicians, buddies, and colleagues. I received feedback on structure and characterization. I even enlisted the assistance of my partner in helping me spot typographical errors that I’d missed in my countless reviews of the text.

But time after time, my query letters to publishers went unanswered or I received the dreaded “Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately…”

A lot of publishing firms recommended “sharpening up” the manuscript to better prepare it for publication. After receiving numerous such comments, I decided to enlist the help of a professional editor at to help me fine-tune the document. allowed me to specify what I wanted worked on in my document. I did not want revisions or rewording, so I merely requested their skilled proofreading editor, who handles easy issues, such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

In merely a week, my novel was returned to me with far more revisions than I expected! No wonder publishers held been turning me down! My novel was riddled with punctuation and grammar errors–errors the typical reader wouldn’t notice, but that acquisitions editors most surely would!

I reviewed and accepted the changes from my editor, gave my novel a last read, and sent it to five new publishing houses. Within a couple of weeks, I received e-mails stating that each publisher was incredibly eager to work with me on my novel. Six weeks later, I was officially a published writer!

So it was as straightforward as that! Trust me… You invest money in the short-term, but the day I became published was certainly one of the high points in my life. You won’t regret it! Take a chance with having your project professionally proofread, and with luck, you too may be published!

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