How Do I Publish Online?

by admin on March 27, 2011

After the writing and editing portions of any writing project are completed, and in many cases before and during, authors must decide what format they want to use to publish their work. Many authors still use traditional publishing companies to print and distribute paper copies of their work. Other authors decide that they want to self-publish, whereby they take ownership of most or all decisions about their work. Finally, some authors decide to publish online for a variety of reasons. There are, of course, some authors who choose to publish using more than one, or a hybrid variety, of these methods.

Publishing online is a growing trend that many authors are choosing. Here are some types of authors who might choose online publishing as opposed to more traditional methods:


It is becoming increasing common for academics, researchers and scientists to publish the findings of their research online. There are a growing number of repositories of research articles online, which allow the author the ability to more quickly get their findings into the hands of interested academics as well as the general public. Some research journals are even choosing to offer their publications totally online while foregoing the traditional paper journal. Others are offering their journals either on paper or on line.

Nonfiction or Fiction Authors:

There are also various reasons that people choose to publish online instead of using traditional publishing companies when they have written fiction or nonfiction books. Some authors may feel that their books would only have a limited audience if the topic is highly specialized, such as is the case with some nonfiction books. Other writers have written about fictional topics that might only have a narrow following. Also, some writers, both fiction and nonfiction, may have written about very controversial topics that they feel might not have a good chance of being published by a traditional publishing company. Whatever the reason, publishing online is a viable alternative available to writers now.

Before submitting your writing to be self-published, it is important to have it thoroughly and professionally edited. Choosing to use the services of will help to ensure that your writing is coherent and flows well.

We do offer standard editing, which allows us to perfect your writing by eliminating grammatical, spelling and other basic writing errors. This type of editing is helpful for confident writers who simply need an objective second set of eyes to review their writing. More often, however, it is beneficial for writers who are serious about being published, either by traditional means or online, to choose one of the levels of editing service detailed below.

Researchers who have written an academic piece, such as a research study or journal article, would be served well by choosing our level of editing known as technical editing. Technical editing will provide the author with everything offered by standard editing as well as the added services of making sure that the writing is technically accurate and conforms to the style guide in use throughout the paper. This type of editing will, therefore, check elements such as style guide compliance, in-text citations, biographical or reference page entries, as well as paper formatting.

On the other hand, authors who have written fiction books often choose our content or executive content editing services for their professional needs. This provides all of the services listed in the previous two levels of editing as well as professional, objective critiques and suggestions, rewriting of portions of the text as needed, and suggestions throughout the manuscript. This type of editing would help ensure that the story flows well and makes sense as well as that the characters, setting and conflicts are adequately and coherently explained.

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