How Do I Find a Publisher?

by admin on March 25, 2011

You always wanted to write a fiction novel, or a reference book, or your autobiography. You’ve gone through months or years of hard work to finish your book. Now it is time to choose a publisher for your writing, which can be a complex and painstaking process. It is extremely important that you choose the right publisher. To do this, there are many areas to take into consideration and multiple resources to use.

You should probably get a current edition of Writer’s Market or Literary Market Place as a starting point. Both of these guides give in-depth information about the current publishing atmosphere for writers as well as tons of contact and other information about publishing companies. These guides are published yearly; you may also access them by joining their websites. The information contained in these guides is invaluable when your goal is to become a published author. If you are passionate about publishing what you’ve worked so hard to write, the search for the right publisher will be worth it.

As you use the information from these guides and whatever other sources of information you’ve acquired, you will want to look at publishers who have an interest in the type of material you have written. A publisher who is keenly interested in publishing collections of short stories may not be the same publishing company who is anxious to publish material on 13th century Chinese religious practices. Finding the publisher or publishers who are interested in your material, and into which your book fits nicely, is an essential component to finding the right publisher.

It may happen that you find multiple publishers who might be interested in your work. In that case, you will need to see if they accept or allow simultaneous submissions. This means that, if they do, you are able to submit your manuscript to them and to other potentially interested publishing companies at the same time. Obviously, it will be to your benefit if you can allow multiple publishing companies to see your manuscript at the same time. If one of them chose to publish your book, you would inform the other ones about that decision per their rules.

All publishing companies have different requirements. Some will have you to send a query letter and a full chapter. Others will only accept a query letter to begin with, after which they will want more information or sample chapters. Still other publishing companies will want the entire manuscript all at once. Some companies will only accept manuscripts on paper, while others will want them submitted electronically. There are publishing companies who will not accept unsolicited manuscripts, while others accept both solicited and unsolicited. Finally, it will depend on the company whether you will require the services of an agent, there are companies who require them and those who do not. If you have to hire an agent, you will want to again make sure that you have done the appropriate research before making a decision.

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