Hire a Professional Editor for Sales and Marketing Presentations

by admin on February 23, 2011

Presentations are the most important part of business meetings. The only way to attract new investors, new clients, and support for new ideas is to properly convey your ideas, and the only way to properly convey your ideas is to ensure that they are error-free. Think about it: How many times have you watched a presentation, only to be distracted by a typo (or multiple typos) on a PowerPoint slide? As both a businessperson and a consumer, this professional editor has been driven to distraction by the grammatical mistakes of others. Thankfully, a new trend is emerging: hiring a professional editor for sales and marketing presentations.

When pitching to a potential client or trying to attract a new investor to your business, you need your A-game.  Clients and investors scrutinize everything about you. It isn’t  fair, but that’s reality. The way you dress, speak, and present yourself is incredibly important. A part of presenting yourself is ensuring that your work is error-free. It is no longer enough just to get your foot in the door; you must have spotless work that conveys your professionalism and business acumen.  Ensuring that your work is grammatically correct, that you use the correct verb tense, the proper amount of punctuation, and that you don’t end your sentences with prepositions may sound simple, but itoftenis overlooked in sales and marketing materials.  Presentations specifically are so crucial to business; can you afford not to hire a professional editor?

For those who question how much editing is worth, a well-written presentation always reinforces a professional persona. Just as actions speak louder than words, grammatical errors can undercut your message. People don’t want to invest in businesses or with people who cannot bother to proofread their work. Editing can make a strong marketing presentation even stronger, and can buttress one that needs the help.  Hiring a professional editor just might be the key to tipping the balance of the presentation in your favor.

However, hiring a professional editor to proofread your work does not only benefit you when you are seeking out new clients/investors. Say, for example, that you have to give a marketing presentation to your staff, or that you’re attending a sales conference as your company’s regional representative. It is easily just as important, if not more so, to ensure that your work is up to the highest standard possible before these presentations. You certainly don’t want your staff thinking that you’re unqualified, nor do you want total strangers believing that you’re incompetent! The greatest professional rewards can be reaped from spotless presentations, and the way to ensure that spotless presentation is to hire a professional copy editor. The editor’s assistance with your work will prove to be invaluable.

For example, a professional copy editor will examine more than just your grammar and punctuation. The editor will read through your presentation and confirm that the order of your material makes sense, and that the transitions between your topics are clear. A professional editor knows to add up the percentages on your pie chart to make sure that they total 100%, and a professional editor can give your written material the extra push it needs to stand out. A fresh perspective is helpful!

In today’s economy, every little bit counts. Why put yourself together, and put together a presentation, without making absolutely certain that you are putting your best professional foot forward? Hire a professional editor for your marketing or sales presentation, and reap the rewards that a spotless presentation can bring to your business. A professional editor’s work on your written material is not expensive, and it is a small cost to ensure your success. The professional editors at First Editing are available to help.

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