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by admin on April 24, 2011

As a college student, you will want to use perfect academic English in writing your papers. It is different from everyday spoken English and has an abundance of strict rules – some very simple and a few that are incredibly tricky. One key tip for effective academic writing is to edit your first draft. The basic points in this blog will help you check your written English, and understand why subsequently you may still wish to hire a skilled academic editor to carry out a final edit.

Edit My English: University Requirements

Before you even start writing your academic paper in English, consult your university’s website, or your department’s webpage. Most schools and universities will provide students with tips, guidelines, and requirements for writing papers. These guidelines sometimes seem exceedingly detailed, but they don’t change. Once you have mastered these requirements you will be well-equipped for academic writing.

Edit My English: Editing Basics

Skilled academic editors can quickly pick out problem areas in assignment writing beyond the obvious grammar and spelling errors: punctuation, paper formatting, paragraph structure, paper organization, verb tense agreement, commonly confused words and phrases, and transitional phrases. Dangling modifiers and misplaced clauses represent additional challenges in English for many university students. An instance of a dangling modifier would be, “Thick and funny, Oscar Wilde enjoyed the book thoroughly.” This sentence might have meant that the book had many pages and was entertaining, but what it actually suggests is that “thick and funny” refers to Oscar Wilde! Now, your teacher may agree that Wilde could be “funny,” but calling the famous author “thick” will not gain you a good grade.

Edit My English: Click for assistance

Your pc’s spelling and grammar check is a good starting point to pick out the problem areas described above. Depending upon on the setting you select, this application will highlight spelling, grammar, punctuation, and possibly wrong choices of words in your academic paper. Remember, though, that just using the spelling check is no substitute for editing. And frequently, as a source of help, the suggested amendments might make matters worse by confusing you, the author. This morning, my spell check recommended using “bear” instead of “bare” in a sentence concerning a celebrity’s “bare arms”!

Academic English is well-known (or infamous) for insisting on the use of various style manuals for formatting and citations. It is possible to find help from the extensive range of online resources. Again, your university will help you with this. The websites of style manual publishers, such as Chicago (chicagomanualofstyle) and APA (apastyle), also have helpful sections and Q&A pages that will address many of your questions. Finally, you can hire a professional paper editor to review and polish your work. This is the easiest and most reliable way to guarantee that your academic paper in English will be outstanding. At, our experienced and professional editors can help you to perfect your paper.

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